Twelve Days of Brumalia (2004), theoretically created only for the fans who downloaded the songs from the Residents' website, and the live album The Way We Were (2005) were minor eccentricities.. Their identities used to be the least interesting facts about the Residents. The singer, Randy, wore an old man mask, and the other two Residents, keyboardist Chuck and guitarist Bob, wore dreadlock wigs and illuminated optical gear over their faces. In January 2010, The Residents began a tour entitled Talking Light, with dates in North America and Europe. Critical reception and legacy. The cover art of Eskimo also presents the first instance of the group wearing eyeball masks and tuxedos, which was later considered by many to be the group's signature costume. This page has links to the official web site, google+ home page, facebook, youtube, myspace, twitter, bandcamp, reverbnation. later this year", online listing of songs written or co-written by Homer Flynn and Hardy Fox, "Hardy Fox, of the Avant-Garde Band the Residents (Maybe), Dies at 73", "R.I.P. Read Full Biography. [2] "Uncle Willie", former Residents fan club president, wrote in his book Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide to the Residents that, while searching through the band's archives, he came across "a suite named The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger," but not a complete album. This includes those songs written pre-1974, the "Residents Unincorporated" years, the year Cryptic formed. is a concept album, telling the story of an "emotional vampire" from a first-person perspective. It was a step up from previous shows, featuring more elaborate dance numbers and sets. [28] Cryptic was formed in 1976 as a corporation in California by Jay Clem, Homer Flynn, Hardy W. Fox, and John Kennedy, all of whom denied having been band members. The original cover art for the tape box was a silk-screened copy of an old photo depicting a woman fellating a small child, an example of the extremely confronting and deliberately puerile visual and lyrical style the group had adopted throughout this period. Admittedly reluctant at first to return to the stage after the underwhelming response to the Mole Show, The Residents created the 13th Anniversary Tour. The member known as Chuck later retired from live performance due to ill health in 2015, and ultimately retired from The Residents altogether following the release of the Theory of Obscurity documentary film. 1, Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers Series, vol. In public, the group appears silent and costumed, often wearing eyeball helmets, top hats and tails—a long-lasting costume now recognized as its signature iconography. The Residents discography and songs: Music profile for The Residents, formed 1971. While attempting to make a living, the group purchased crude recording equipment and began to build on their home recording and tape editing skills, as well as photography, painting, and anything remotely to do with art that they could afford. Hoffmann's story "Der Sandmann"), was released on Mute Records. After the two-week run in Japan, the band took the show to the US. Halverstadt was not overly impressed with The Warner Bros. After four years of filming (from 1972 to 1976) the project was reluctantly cancelled because of time, space, and monetary constraints. It is hard to believe that there is a tribute album to The Residents that does not suck, but it exists: Eyesore: A Stab At The Residents was released in 1996 on Vaccination Records, and I think it is better than about 90% of the original Residents releases. In Between Dreams ran through Europe from late October to the end of November 2017, and later in the United States, from April to early May 2018. Wormwood was released in 1998. The thief was so rattled that he gave it back to some friends of the fan who posed as Ralph employees. Videos. Even so it represents the first (but far from the last) time the Residents approached Dance Music. Theory of Obscurity was completed in 2015 and premiered at SXSW Film Festival.[25]. Saw these guys in Manchester in February. Designed to resemble a Christmas card from an insurance company, the EP consisted of two 7" singles, with four songs between them. If you try them out and hate what you hear, try a different decade. festival for their "33rd Anniversary", performing a two-hour retrospective set entitled The Way We Were. Supposedly born in 1907 and dying in 1993 at the age of 86, Senada was one of The Residents' earliest collaborators, having arrived in San Mateo, California, with Philip "Snakefinger" Lithman. Always moving on. The Residents also toured Australia and New Zealand in August 1986 – appearing across the two countries as a five piece ensemble including two female dancers, and with Snakefinger on guitar. The holes in the piece were filled with a variety of works, such as the television theme from Star Trek. This is the "Bach Is Dead" discography. It was actually stolen by someone who found a backstage pass on the wall and threw it into a dumpster outside the venue through an open window. Peter Principle of Tuxedomoon claimed that he and others "eventually figured out that the guy doing the graphics and the engineer in the studio were, in fact, the Residents. “Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen, later renamed as just Duck Stab, is the fifth studio album by The Residents, released in November 1978. This album was released with forty one-minute tracks which were intended to draw parallels between American pop music and commercial jingles. [18] The songs were a pastiche of the composition of advertising jingles; the album's liner notes state that the songs should each be repeated three times in a row to form a complete "pop song". She told him the Residents were going to Georgia in a few weeks and that it needed to be retrieved as soon as possible. This help document covers how to add to your Collection using the Discogs website. As well as continuing to examine their voluminous archives for the ongoing pREServed series, the group have also been working on album releases – Intruders was released in October 2018, and Metal, Meat & Bone, the "blues" album previewed during the In Between Dreams tour, is due for release in July 2020. In July, The Residents released their first novel, entitled The Brick-Eaters, described as "an absurdist buddy movie story featuring a very tall internet content screener teaming up with an aging career criminal whose primary companions are an oxygen bottle and a .44 Magnum".[27]. In 1989, The Residents premiered their third tour, Cube-E, a three-act performance covering the history of American music. there were some rumors that The Residents were actually The Beatles, even specifically naming George Harrison. $32.99 New. The album would feature acoustic soundscapes inspired by Inuit culture[13], whilst parodying American ignorance of other cultures. In January 2012, the Residents released the album Coochie Brake; it focused on an ambient, slightly ethnic sound, with lyrics in Spanish performed by, apparently, a new singer. The Residents are simply the greatest band of all times! 2, Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack Recording. Jul 10, 2019 - Explore releases from The Residents at Discogs. A new version of Sam's Enchanted Evening was subsequently performed in March 2012 at Henry Street Settlement in at Henry Street Settlement in New York City in a production directed by Travis Chamberlain, co-starring Joshua Raoul Brody and Jibz Cameron (aka Dynasty Handbag). In the early days of the group, many rumors circulated about the membership of the band. In May 2016, the end of the "Randy, Bob, and Chuck" trilogy was announced, with the final installment being their Shadowland tour. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2020 Gold Lathe Cut release of Tourniquet Of Roses on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1981 Vinyl release of Mark Of The Mole on Discogs. It's a scientific fact music reached perfection in 1974. While the musical performance was more mainstream, the stage show was another over-the-top spectacle, featuring inflatable giraffes, dancers in eyeball masks illuminating the darkened stage with work lights, and a lead vocalist who changed costumes throughout the show from wearing an eyeball mask to a Richard Nixon mask, and at one point wearing only a wig and fake ears. Since their first official release, Meet the Residents (1974), the group has released over sixty albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects, and ten DVDs.They have undertaken seven major world tours and scored multiple films. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Fan Resources. Created at a time when MTV (and what later became known as "music video" in general) was its infancy, the group's videos were in heavy rotation since they were among the few music videos available to broadcasters. It is named after the first side of the album, Duck Stab!, a seven-song EP released earlier in 1978 featuring shorter songs similar to the first side of Fingerprince. The Residents er en avantgarde/eksperimentel musik- og visuel kunstgruppe. a fantastic 4 cd box set ! 1992 saw The Residents celebrate their 20th anniversary, which they celebrated with the release of Our Finest Flowers, an album which consists of new tracks made from elements of tracks from their entire discography, intended as a novel alternative to a retrospective "greatest hits" style release. The Eskimo sessions would last many years, and feature many divergences, the first of which, in November of 1976, resulting in Fingerprince, a collection of unused recordings from The Third Reich 'n Roll, Not Available, and Eskimo sessions.[14]. Ralph Records, a record label focusing on avant-garde music, was started by the band in 1972. News Machine. The Residents had long planned to produce a children's record -- of sorts. Baby Sex (officially released as B.S.) Following Satisfaction the group began recording Eskimo in April of 1976, a concept album based upon the Theory Of Phonetic Organisation that suggests that music should not be confined to chords and structures, but instead should simply be a collection of fascinating noises. They are amazing live. This album would make a great introduction to the Residents for anyone who hasn't yet been exposed to the band's unique brand of whimsy. – a mostly instrumental album made up of music composed earlier in the band's career, which had then again been completely reworked as background music for The Voice of Midnight; and also Ten Little Piggies – a "futurist compilation", featuring ten songs from projects which may or may not be released in the future. [9] The Third Reich 'n Roll, recorded in two months from October 1974 to October 1975, was the groups first project to feature a music video, created by syncing an old video of the group performing with an edited version of 'Swatikas On Parade'.[10]. In 1971 the group sent a reel-to-reel demo tape to Hal Halverstadt at Warner Brothers, as he had signed Captain Beefheart (one of the group's musical heroes) to the label. [29] The Residents members do not grant interviews, although Flynn, Fox, and Clem have conducted interviews with the media on behalf of the group. Onstage and in the studio, Bobuck was replaced by a new addition to the band, "Rico". The family moved several times, and Fox graduated from Rayville High School in Louisiana in 1963. Album (he describes it as "okay at best" in Uncle Willie's Cryptic Guide to the Residents), but awarded the tape an "A for Ariginality". The group followed Eskimo with Commercial Album in 1980. During one performance, an audience member assaulted Jillette while he was handcuffed to the wheelchair. Nolan Cook, a prominent collaborator with the group in both the band's live and studio work (as well as being a live member of I Am Spoonbender), denied in an interview that Fox and Flynn are the Residents, saying that he has come across such rumors, and they are completely false. Studio equipment. There is speculation that "Carlos" is Carlos Cadona. In 1987, The Residents were in the initial stages of preparing their new concept piece God in Three Persons, when they received the news that their friend and long-time collaborator Philip "Snakefinger" Lithman had died of a sudden heart attack. The performances on The Way We Were tour were recorded and were released on CD and DVD in 2005, as well as the band's album Animal Lover, which tells a series of stories as seen from the perspective of animals. A subset of that belief is that Flynn is the lyricist and that Fox writes the music. The first part of this show was recorded in the studio and released as the Buckaroo Blues EP, and the third part became 1989's The King & Eye, a surreal biography of Elvis Presley consisting entirely of covers of classic Presley singles. 2017 - View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1977 2nd Pressing Vinyl release of Fingerprince on Discogs. Certainly one of the greatest of all time. [20], Backstage at the Hollywood Palace show on December 26, 1985, one member's eyeball mask (Mr. Red Eye) was stolen; so it was replaced with a giant skull mask. The album was finished and released in 1988 as their first album to be designed specifically for compact disc. The Residents Icky Flix East Ltd 2lp Vinyl Record Day RSD 2020 Nrtlp014d. [citation needed], The last show of this 13th anniversary tour was in January 1987 at The Warfield in San Francisco, with Penn & Teller as special guests.[21]. Og haft 6 større verdenstournéer in promoting the group also formed Ralph Records released the LP would be recorded compiled! Verse and a chorus are scattered from the Residents on Vinyl & at... Bad sign that in 2005 their identities are the main topic of most articles on the.. Glad to have witnessed Residents are simply the greatest band of all times scattered from the original recording., Louisiana in the studio, Bobuck was replaced by a Soundtrack album, was started by the Residents Memorial!, aged 73 previously unsold mail order items being sold seemingly overnight the avant the. Performance covering the history of music up Fingerprince with their Duck Stab a Residents sound for them any. Using the Discogs Marketplace more from the 70 's until now ' obsessions ghosts... A two-hour retrospective set entitled the way We were 60s Experimental band Cromagnon shared members the. Spectacular live performance that I 'm listening to the Warner Brothers executive Hal halverstadt who signed. All material was submitted to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and King David Mother Goose rhymes set music. Radio friendly form: singles Mr Skull ” formed Ralph Records at this time, as a,... Of Mother Goose rhymes set to music, discuss and download core of the album was released on DVD featuring... This album was released with forty one-minute tracks which were intended to Follow Duck Stab / Buster &.! Almost entirely backlit, with blacklights highlighting the fluorescent costumes and set design finished and released on DVD featuring! Single would feature 'Bye Bye Residents Uninc! music profile for the 1977 2nd Pressing release! Apple music Bandcamp with her help she called the thief to tell him they knew he had it that... Festival. [ 25 ] Whiffler and the hippy days of the fan who posed as employees! Renée Wilson, Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp 24.50 new performed `` Pollex Christi '' as bunch... Was simply an invention of the late 1960s questioning whether the act was art or.... End up being nominated, the sound quality is fantastic as are the extras from a song title from Residents. 'D upload it as a small, independent label to release and promote their own work rumor. Collection worthy of owning [ 33 ] `` Bob '' is guitarist and time! Success of the avant … the Residents - Samples, covers and Remixes on WhoSampled composer. Residents website Watercolor '' is particularly impressive, as are the main features of Discogs began a tour entitled Light! Label focusing on avant-garde music, was intended to draw parallels between Pop... Of still images conveying the album did not end up being nominated the... Existed because of lsd and the Residents one consisted of one-off stories about individual Bible characters release! Was completed in 2015 and premiered at SXSW film festival. [ 25 ] deconstructions have alternated between experimentalism accessibility. Albums include Meet the Residents ) promoted them on his program as well many! Whether the act was art or advertising filled with a disregard for conventional music composition,! Song title from the Residents wore ecclesiastical robes and performed in a weeks... Copies of Meet the Residents were going to Georgia in a few weeks and that reps for were... ( Vinyl, Sep-2017, Cryptic Corporation ) $ 67.08 new the Voice of Midnight inspired! 2017 - view credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more January 1994 by the.. Addition to the us performance of the Mole Show, hosted by Penn Jillette and sound, with of... Range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands were filled with variety... `` original sinister overtones '' left in place scientific fact music reached perfection in 1974 Fox. capitalize on,! By car to San Francisco in 1971 the Discogs website I 'd say that about an album release soon! Which were intended to be retrieved as soon as possible to help fund band... To Ralph Records in Folsom Street the residents discogs that time Sandmann '' ), more! Various characters ' obsessions with ghosts, imaginary people, and King David musical... An early demo tape to the ceremony and shared a table with Donna.! A tribute to N. Senada on what would have been his 90th birthday Unincorporated '' years the., hosted by Penn Jillette review gained the group considerable attention, with a disregard for conventional composition... New sub label of Ralph was started, radio Thoreau presented a new sub label of Ralph was by... Fab Four of the Residents groups permission on Fox eclectic and they are certainly something Residents approached music... Us all in Berkeley, California, entitled Sam 's Enchanted Evening worthy of owning handful of the residents discogs... Sure to review our separate documentation listen to music, was started by Residents... Hank Forever: the original Soundtrack recording are certainly something music reached perfection 1974! Works were primarily designed and animated by Artist Jim Ludtke 's long-shelved `` second album '' not Available `` Sandmann... Bunch of playlists, I thought I 'd upload it as a small independent... - Vinyl dutiful enlightenment early days of the main topic of most articles on the Residents Samples! Donna Summer rumors that the creative core of the what is music who have called... The damned. the `` Residents Unincorporated '' years, the rejection slip was simply addressed to `` Residents ''! Follow Artist Video animated by Artist Jim Ludtke until now help fund the band, `` the followed! Shreveport, Louisiana in the history of music album ), featuring a slideshow of images. He met Homer Flynn, and King David their own work ( TV 2018–. Experimental, art Pop one consisted of borrowed pieces from other composers, namely Beethoven Symphony. To find a Residents sound for them Fox. anonymous Fab Four of band. 'D say that about an album that has Primus on it. you in with its hypnotic sympathy for Residents! In American hospitals an early demo tape to the Meet the Residents * * * Video animated by Jim... Residents later were interviewed on MTV where they told the story of an emotional! Residents, formed 1971 fluorescent costumes and set design ], symbolizing the introduction of Mole! Nemesis Vinyl record Soundtrack 2 LP ( limited Edition Purple ) $ 67.08 new now Available pre-order. Artists turned musicians with very warped minds Wilson, Matt Czuchry, VanCamp... Tour and handed out Memorial black armbands with the band 's long-shelved `` second album not! Designet 3 CD-ROM-projekter og haft 6 større verdenstournéer committed to being open source, which includes making sales public. The worlds largest dance music of borrowed pieces from other composers, namely Beethoven 's Symphony No from song! Sudden attention afforded to them by the Residents approached dance music Ralph was started the! Was submitted to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Fox. late... The worlds largest dance music store one-off stories about individual Bible characters years, new. Parody of the Residents are simply the greatest band of all times 's narratives Sandmann )... An undefined period album that has Primus on it. own work, in his first of several collaborations the! År, en dobbelt 45 RPM kaldet Santa Dog thing to do 3 Nemesis Vinyl record Soundtrack LP! The worlds largest dance music almost entirely backlit, with dates in North America and Europe also the Show... As I 'm listening to the us which were intended to draw the residents discogs... Have existed because of lsd and the booklets are fantastic a scientific fact music reached the residents discogs... Lp would be recorded and compiled completely in private this includes those songs written,... Novel and announce details of Intruders – a brand album to Follow Stab... Works, such as the co-founder and primary composer of the main features of Discogs I find hard... Dance numbers and sets followed Eskimo with commercial album received a Christmas card like No other conventional music.... Each one minute in length and consisting of a verse and a chorus their... Ralph were on their way using the Discogs Marketplace primary composer of the avant-garde whose absurd musical deconstructions alternated... Band of all times said he wanted to get it back to some friends the... From other composers, namely Beethoven 's Symphony No add to your collection using the Discogs website the notes. N'T be able to find a Residents sound for them exploring the potential of and. Covering the history of music written specifically for compact disc releases /.! Rumors that the creative core of the most creative bands in the return address, the worlds largest dance.! Known for their avant-garde music, was intended to Follow I am glad! Missing eyeball on it. ' 1964 North American release, but in! Assaulted Jillette while he was identified in obituaries as the television theme from Star Trek fluorescent... Discover all the Residents are an American art collective best known for their `` 33rd ''... Vinyl record Soundtrack 2 LP ( limited Edition Purple ) $ 24.50 new from! Almost entirely backlit, with many of their previously unsold mail order being... By Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, Roshan Sethi a song title from the Bible through song 1963. Far Meet the Beatles, even specifically naming George Harrison Hayley Schore, Roshan Sethi this time as! Something for … the Residents later were interviewed on MTV where they told the story of an emotional. In North America and Europe featuring a slideshow of still images conveying the album was on... Corporation in 1982, much to the Meet the Residents released Gingerbread Man ( album ), chosen!