The state takes its name from Rhode Island; however, most of the state is located on the mainland. Lara Salamano, chief marketing officer for the Rhode Island … || document.write("")SYMBOLS Our office and call center will be closed. || document.write("")MARKETPLACE Rhode Island State Motto “Hope” Rhode Island State Nicknames . RI General Law § 42-4-3. || document.write("")STATE MAPS || document.write("")STATE FORUM The flag shall be edged with yellow fringe. Little Rhody . The SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is a Class A Tall Ship. Source: State Names, Flags, Seals, Songs, Birds, Flowers and Other Symbols: Revised Edition (Reprint)- George Earlie Shankle, Ph.D., The H.W. State Drink: Coffee Milk State Fish: Striped Bass State Flower: Violet State Fruit: Rhode Island Greening . Land of Roger Williams . Wilson Company, 1938, || HOME "There shall continue to be one seal for the public use of the state; the form of an anchor shall be engraven thereon; the motto thereof shall be the word "Hope"; and in a circle around the outside shall be engraven the words, "Seal of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, 1636"." Information on Rhode Island, map, facts, history, location,cities,coastline,size. Rhode Island's state motto was adopted as an element of the state coat of arms or "Arms of the state". || document.write("")INTRO Official web site of the State of Rhode Island. Adopted in 1875. google_color_text = "FFFFFF"; First adopted in 1664. The State of Rhode Island will be observing New Year's Day on Friday, January 1, 2021. Rhode Island’s motto, “Hope” first made an appearance on its colonial seal in 1664. Ocean State . The stars surround a gold ship's anchor. SECTION 42-4-1. NETSTATE.COM is a Trademark of NSTATE, LLC. State Motto List: RI General Law § 42-4-2. Copyright © if (cyear != fyear){document.write(cyear + "-" + fyear)} else {document.write(fyear)} by NSTATE, LLC. 10 Iconic Foods In Rhode Island That Will Have Your Mouth Watering. Revised Edition - George Earlie Shankle, Ph.D., The H.W. The Seal of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations features a blue field with a golden maritime anchor as its central image below the phrase "HOPE." The State March is to the song “Rhode Island” with words and music by T. Clarke Brown. "I'd like to remind all Rhode Islanders of the motto our state was founded on some 400 years ago — Hope. State Tree: Red Maple . No copyright is claimed on non-original or licensed material. || document.write("")BOOK STORE google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; Bowenite, found in northern Rhode Island, is a relative of jade. Despite its name, most of Rhode Island attaches to the U.S. mainland. If there’s one thing that’s true about all Rhode Islanders, it’s that we love to eat. State mottoes can help us gain insight into the Islands. Enjoy it now because it ends in 200 yards The song entitled "Rhode Island Is It for Me," words by Charlie Hall, music by Maria Day. [What is a motto? Shop for the perfect rhode island state motto gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. State Rock: Cumberlandite State Shell: Quahaug . || HOME There is a ribbon below the anchor that has the state’s motto, “Hope.” Colors of the Flag. This Is The Most Hippie Town In Rhode Island And You Need To Visit There are a lot of wonderfully laid-back towns in Rhode Island that could qualify as hippie havens. RI General Law § 42-4-2, "The arms of the state are a golden anchor on a blue field, and the motto thereof is the word "Hope"." List of all of the state mottoes. The Great Seal of the state of Rhode Island was adopted in 1875. There is no official documentation from the time when Rhode Island first adopted the word “Hope” as the state motto on its Seal and flag that explains why this word was chosen. Cumberlandite is a dark rock with white markings found throughout the state. Rhode Island State Slogans . State abbreviation/Postal code: R.I./RINickname: The Ocean StateOrigin of name: From the Greek island of RhodesMotto: “Hope”Slogan: \"Unwind\"State symbols:Bird: Rhode Island red hen (1954)Fish: Striped bass (2000)Shell: Quahog (1987)Flower: Violet (1968)Fruit: Rhode Island greening (1991)Tree: Red maple (1964)Mineral: Bowenite (1966)Stone: Cumberlandite (1966)Colors: Blue, white, and gold (in state flag)Drink: Coffee Milk (1993)Song: \"Rhode Island, It's for Me\" (1996) The Rhode Island state motto was adopted in the year of 1875. The following information is excerpted from the Rhode Island Statutes, Title 42, Chapter 4. The flag of the state shall be white, five feet and six inches (5'6") fly and four feet and ten inches (4'10") deep on the pike, bearing on each side in the center a gold anchor, twenty-two inches (22") high, and underneath it a blue ribbon twenty-four inches (24") long and five inches (5") wide, or in these proportions, with the motto "Hope" in golden letters thereon, the whole surrounded by thirteen (13) golden stars in a circle. It comes as no surprise that the state is home to so many amazing restaurants, and unique dishes. Now is the time for us to heal as a state and … The motto references the times in which boats would sail to and from the Atlantic Ocean via Rhode Island, and still do! || document.write("")ALMANAC State Names, Seals, Flags, and Symbols: JavaScript is not enabled! google_color_border = "003366"; || document.write("")STATE LINKS The state's motto "Hope" is on a blue ribbon below the anchor. Rhode Island Reds lay up to 300 brown eggs a year. The pike shall be surmounted by a spearhead and the length of the pike shall be nine feet (9'), not including the spearhead. Some say that a state's motto is its underlying reason for being. ] All State Mottos. history of a state. CHAPTER 42-4 - State Emblems. flowers, birds, songs, and descriptive comments on the capitol buildings and on some of the leading state histories, “Hope” is what many people associated with these ships are required to … google_ad_client = "pub-6198287838137393"; Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the United States. || document.write("")STATE QUIZ Discover Beautiful Rhode Island . ], document.write("This page last updated:" + " " + lmonth + " " + date + ", " + fyear) Find high quality printed Rhode Island State Motto Posters at CafePress. The Great Seal of the state of Rhode Island was adopted in 1875. Map of Rhode Island by World Atlas. ]. || document.write("")SYMBOLS The “cabinet,” a classic Rhode Island drink, is made by mixing coffee milk and vanilla ice cream. || document.write("")GEOGRAPHY The lyrics are by Charlie Hall, and the music was written by Maria Day. Rhode Island has the largest squid-fishing fleet on the East Coast. || document.write("")ECONOMY|| document.write("")GEOGRAPHY It is the smawest state in aurie, the seivent least populous, an is the seicont maist densely populatit. //-->, State mottoes may be said to reflect the character and beliefs of the citizens of the state, or more The pike shall be surmounted by a spearhead and the length of the pike shall be nine feet, not including the spearhead." Please enable javascript for the best experience. TITLE 42 - State Affairs and Government. Shop posters in a variety of sizes and designs to find the perfect fit for your room. Rhode Island's official nickname is "The Ocean State" (the nickname can be seen on Rhode Island license plates and the U.S. Mint's commemorative quarter for the state). Flower: Violet (Viola) | Other State Flowers. SECTION 42-4-3. google_ad_channel =""; State Motto: "Hope" State Bird: Rhode Island Red Hen . State officials said Wednesday that the videos were all shot in Rhode Island and by a Rhode Island agency, NAIL Communications. || document.write("")ALMANAC google_ad_height = 600; Includes information about history, government, business and employment, education, health, and recreation. Official State Motto of Rhode Island. || CONTACT US accurately, the citizens of the state when they were adopted. The motto of Rhode Island is as follows: Hope The earliest record we can find of the motto being used is 1664. § 42-4-3 State flag. Quahog shells were shaped into beads known as Wampum. google_color_link = "9999ff"; || CONTACT US,